Sunday School Ministry

January, the power is Faith. I believe we need to give our children a foundation which is God. Introduce the bible as a gentle book to guide them. Start by saying “God loves you and so do I”.

When 2018 rings in look at the new year as if you were looking through a child’s eyes with excitement, wonderment, curiosity and fearlessness.

This year is going to be a changing year with God at the wheel. It must start in our God-mind consciousness first. Remember you are a mirror to your children, let them see Christ shine through you..

February, the power is Love. John saw love, compassion, forgiveness and strength through Jesus. He listened to His word and followed in his footsteps. We too can follow Christ by taking baby steps; smile at passersby, look at people when being talked to. Listen to what people say without interrupting. Speak with gentle words.

God gave us the gift of love, so that we can give to others


Christina Wagner