Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday School Teacher Miss. Christina askes the children to look at our Butterfly Tree and choose the idea on one of them that resonated with them. They responded.



“I am light because when people feel down or sad I shine the light in them to make them happy again just with my words.”

 By M.



“I always encourage people like my friends and family to do great things”

 By J.



“I have a lot of gifts like dancing, gymnastics, & drumming. God gave me all these gifts”

 By N.



“You always have to try something new in life. It will always be something good for you because change is a gift from God, Amen”

By I.



“I am blessed in God’s name and God is always there for me. God is a wonderful name. I am so glad that there is such a thing as God, Amen”.

By T.


God is awesome because He made me and if  He didn’t make me I would never have been awesome.

 By N.