Sunday School Ministry

Month is July the Power is Understanding.

We will be having our first Parent, Teacher, Children Meeting.  Joining us will be Rev. Bessie.  The theme is Tea Time at Unity Sunday School. It will be held on July 15th after service.  At this gathering, questions will be answered. Suggestions will be welcomed, and children’s talents will be displayed.  It will be a fun filled experience by all.  For more information, flyers will be circulated in the outer sanctuary.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gather in my name, there am I”.     


Month is August the Power is Will.

When we must make an important decision, and we find ourselves in a conflict of interest, our thought pattern becomes out of control. We have choices.  1) we can seek advice from others, but their response may not be what we want. 2) We can go into panic mode, which can sometimes cause anxiety. 3) We can be still and go within and turn our will and our trust in God.   What would you choose?  Powerful Words  “FREE WILL”


Blessings to all,  

Christina Wagner