Sunday School

I love the month of November, because it lets us reflect on gratitude.  How grateful we are, with all that has happened around us, and still is occurring.  God brings in the men and woman such as; FEMA, Red Cross, Firefighters, EMT’s National Reserves and more. Than we have those who hear the cries, drop everything, no question asked not looking at race, creed, color or religion. They are just there.  That’s God at work.  His bounty is limitless.  We can take action in ourselves.  We have the gifts within us. Let it shine! Release the anger, judging, sickness, grief, and hate.  Replace it with happiness, forgiveness, wellness, joy and love.  With God all things are possible. Watch His mighty hand, step back and embrace the change that is to come in your mind, body and soul. 


The month is December and the power for this month is Life. Hello my children, parents, grandparents etc. We are here to rejoice the baby Jesus’ arrival.  Come join us as we get ready to put on our production of the Nativity.  Last year, we had the privilege of the adults being part of our ensemble.  We will begin rehearsal in the first week of December.  The Nativity will be part of Rev.  Bessie’s sermon on Christmas Day.  Let’s give praise to God.  We will update you, as the time approaches.  Don’t hold back your talents. We’ll be waiting, as well as the children.  It’s a beautiful experience for all to partake in.  We will have music, props, and costumes. Let’s end this year on a blessed note. Thank you, God, for bringing into this world your beloved Son to show us the way truth and the light.   Above all, Unity and your loving instrument Rev. Bessie.


Merry Christmas and God Speed,

Christina Wagner