Sunday School

September’s power is Order. Think of the story of The Wizard of Oz and how it relates to us.  If Dorothy never got hurt, she would still be wondering where her heart lies. When she was on her adventure, it made her face her fears, anger, sadness and doubt.  In the end, the good witch (Belinda) tells her she had the power all along. All she had to do is click her ruby slippers and say, "there's no place like home".  Don't we have questions?  We face bullies, and stumbling blocks. In time, we find that these setbacks make us stronger, more able to reach our victories. Like Dorothy, we have the power. He’s called God.


October’s power is Zeal. This month I have a poem.

“Fall Field Trip”

A field trip on the farm, oh what fun!
Picking apples and pumpkins one by one. Going on hay rides oh what a treat, feeling the bumps and curves Falling out of your seat. Seeing goblins and ghosts, getting lost in the mazes. Drinking apple cider. Coming home on the bus and singing our songs, falling asleep on our friends, as our drive lingers on. As the day finally comes to an end we say with a sigh to our teachers, thank you and good bye.  Until we meet again.


Namaste,  Christina Wagner