Prosperity Place

I look to the Third Commandment in the book Prosperities Ten Commandments to assist in developing a Prosperity consciousness.  Notice I used the word “developing”.  There is a process in place to undo the feelings of lack which seems to dominate most peoples’ thinking.  The third commandment is appropriately – “You shall not speak the word of lack or limitation”.

By using “I Am” before any proclamation of poverty, lacking, without, poor, etc. we are committing liable against God.  We are affirming an absence of God. We are allowing our feeling of lack to have power over us and we are shutting out the goodness of God. We must be careful of our intent and our words.

In Unity we use affirmations to undo any negative thinking.  We must remember that we need to be careful to speak words that are constructive in creating the goodness you want in your life; words that reflect your faith in the creative power of God.  Words that will bring abundance and prosperity in your life.

“By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Matthew 12:37

Blessings, Sy